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M3S aggregates experts in the Information and Communication Technology coming both from academic research institutions and from industry in order to develop and market innovative products and services in the fields of Network Protocol Design and Internet of Services/Internet of Things.

M3S develops both internal projects aimed at producing know how, products and services and external projects committed by external entities or funded by research agencies.

M3S is located in Genova. In addition it has agreement with the Computer Platform Research Center (CIPI), located at the University of Genoa, University of Padua and University of Sassari, where some of the activities are carried out.

Areas of Expertise

M3S provides support for consultancy, research and studies in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in general. More specifically M3S is able to design and develop information systems, both centralized and distributed, using both the Java programming environment and the C programming environment, is able to configure, control and manage Java frameworks and application servers and masters network protocols. In addition M3S is able to design, configure and manage virtualized computer systems and networks featuring high performance and high availability, based on proprietary solutions and open source solutions.

M3S has a specific expertise in the following areas:

Development of Embedded Network Protocols

M3S has developed a Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol implementation compliant with the IEEE 802.1D-2004 standard. The implementation has been tested successfully against the Ixia Automated Network Validation Library (ANVL) and has been merged into the Open vSwitch suite in the v2.4.0 release, within which is now distributed.

Traffic Monitoring / Analysis / Mining

M3S has developed a monitoring platform aimed at measuring the Quality of Service and the Quality of Experience of a remote Internet access service. This platform can be exploited to validate the Service Level Agreements between the access network providers and theirs clients.

Fault Tolerance in Carrier Ethernet networks

M3S has developed a solution for a rapid reconfiguration of Ethernet networks based on IEEE 802.1Q standard. The technique guarantees worst case reconfiguration time of Ethernet spanning-tree based forwarding after a failure on large geographical networks and eliminates the bandwidth-consuming station discovery phase.

Network Management/OSS Platforms

M3S in collaboration with Ericsson and the University of Genoa has developed a Operational Support System management platform that implements a Tele Management Forum (TMF) compliant interface to the network while providing a OSS/J common interface to the clients.

Service Composition

M3S has developed a Service Orchestration platform supporting the execution of Composite Services (a.k.a., Mashups) that combine atomic services (typically available through Web APIs) available in the Internet. Such a Service Orchestration platform, developed in the context of an FP6 European funded project OPUCE (Open platform for user-centric service creation and execution) and led by the major European Telecom Operators, has been recently selected to be integrated in the iCore (Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Services) system since M3S has been invited to join the consortium of this FP7 European funded project aiming at the development of a platform exploiting the cognitive technologies for the Internet of Things.



A software platform supporting the collaboration inside the enterprise through spreadsheet data exchange. The platform integrates data processed in different spreadsheets in such a way that different users can share and manipulate it in a controlled environment. Such a solution, which foresees a central system deployed in-the-cloud supporting the controlled access to the shared data, is currently under development. The central system includes some Session Control Function that enables scalability and efficiency.

Yacht Single Window

A software platform supporting Search and Rescue and yachting safety in collaboration with Liguria District of Marine Technology and Italian Coast Guard.


Session Border Control and Network Monitoring

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is an edge device used in multimedia networks which exerts control over signaling and media streams to ensure secure delivery of voice and multimedia services to customers. A SBC is located on the border between different IP networks, the core carrier network and the customer networks, a strategic position allowing to offer a wide range of edge security features such as denial of service (DoS) protection, customer firewall and NAT traversal, quality of service (QoS) management and bandwidth policing. The SBC can also be included in a Lawfull Intercept System.

Infomobility and Intelligent Transportation Support Platform

A software platform supporting the implementation of complex services in the area of Infomobility/Logistics/Intelligent Transportation in-the-cloud according to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) paradigms.

Workflow Document Management Platform for Public Administration

Process analysis, document archival and processing, workflow management.

Internet of Things Service Platform

A software platform supporting applications related to the Internet of Things domain with particular focus on the design, development, and experimentation of a system for the Orchestration of services associated to Things. Such a platform is supposed to be scalable, fault tolerant, and based on the Event Driven paradigm paradigm which exploits the Asynchronous I/O technology.

Software Defined Ethernet Networking with an improved Spanning Tree convergence

The project aims at developing a software platform based on a technique called Bounded Latency Spanning Tree Reconfiguration (BLSTR), which guarantees worst case recovery latency in the case of single faults by adopting a time-bounded bridge port reconfiguration mechanism and by eliminating the bandwidth-consuming station discovery phase that follows the bridge forwarding table invalidation due to reconfiguration. BLSTR does not replace the spanning tree reconfiguration protocol (RSTP/MSTP), which remains in control of network reconfiguration, whereas it operates in parallel with it.

The platform is based on a M3S patent and will be implemented taking advantage of the OpenFlow protocol for Software Defined Networking.


UNaLab is a project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The UNaLab consortium is comprised of 28 partners from 10 cities across Europe and beyond, including municipalities, research, business and industry. The UNaLab partner cities commit to addressing the challenges that cities around the world are facing today, by focusing on climate and water related issues, within an innovative and citizen-driven paradigm. With three demonstration cities, seven replication cities and several observers, the UNaLab project aims to develop smarter, more inclusive, more resilient and increasingly sustainable societies through innovative nature-based solutions (NBS).

Work With Us

M3S offers employment opportunities to excellent people, with a Laurea/Master degree in the area of Information Engineering and Information Science as well as to people who have earned a Research Doctorate in the same disciplines.

M3S people must be strongly motivated to learn and grow through the study and the application of innovative technologies, must be able to work in teams and at the same time to show personal initiative, and must put his/her professional growth before the stability of a permanent employment.

The main characteristics of the offered positions are:

    - Use of state of the art and latest generation technology.

    - Analytical approach to software/system design and development.

    - Rapid professional growth.

    - Contact and contiguity with top level large companies in defense and civilian ICT.

    - Contact and contiguity with top level Universities and Research Centers.

    - Flexible and informal working environment.

    - Salary higher than average based on commitment and results.





Guardia Costiera

Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare

Comune di Genova

About Us

M3S was created in 2005 by the research groups in Computer Networks and Services of the University of Genoa and of the University of Padua and by Marconi Communications to develop technology and advanced solutions in the areas of next generation networks and services.

In 2007, after the acquisition of Marconi Communications by Ericsson Telecommunications, M3S released its exclusive relationship with Marconi to evolve to a research center open to collaborations with ICT companies. In addition M3S activated a number of internal projects aimed at developing advanced network technology, services and products.

M3S operates in general in ICT and more specifically in Software Defined Networks, Metro Ethernet/MPLS convergence, Service Composition and Orchestration and Event Driven Java frameworks. The main application domains include the Internet of Things, Service Delivery Platforms and Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

M3S develops partnerships and conducts research and development activities with some of the most significant ICT companies and with some of the academic research centers in Italy an abroad to develop new expertise and drive the professional growth of its personnel.

How M3S works

M3S supports rapidly developing research areas that can be of interest of industry partner in the ICT field. In particular:

    - M3S promotes networking and interaction between academic and industry in the field of computer networking.

    - M3S works closely with academic research centers to support basic research, by developing system and services, typically to implement working demonstrators.

    - M3S offers high-profile career opportunities for graduates and Ph.D.'s in ICT willing to perform scientific and industrial research activities.

    - M3S provides a friendly environment for the growth of new business ventures.